Be Retirement Ready

  • Stable income you can’t outlive
  • Optimized Social Security benefit
  • Comfort-Risk aligned investments
  • Reduced long term care expense risk
  • And much more

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You retire once. We help people retire every day.

Be Retirement Ready
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Retirement: The Most Important Financial Decisions of Your Life

Retirement may be one word but you’ll encounter many financial decisions in preparation for and during your retirement. Are you willing to risk making costly, first-timer mistakes that could jeopardize your retirement?

How many of these decisions can you make on your own?

Let our knowledge and experience be your advantage. We can help with all of these decisions.

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We offer 360 Degrees of financial advice, covering the three key areas of your financial life.

Your needs are at the center of every financial decision.

Get one convenient contact for all your financial needs.

Why Hire Us?

You should hire a financial advisor by benefit, not by brand. We’re not a Wall Street brand, but we provide the benefits you need. Other advisors may not be able to match what we offer.

We’ll provide independent insight and customized strategies using an open platform ability to choose the strategy that fits your needs.

Efficiency – One of the most advanced, digital platforms for efficiency and security.

Resources – One of the largest financial networks in the US provides us with resources you will not find in many of our competitors.

Leading Partners – We use Fidelity, BNY Mellon, and Schwab – the most recognized and financially strong firms for clearing and custody services.

And, in our case, you get two advisors for the price of one.

With every decision…

  • We’ll explain the nature of the decision and how it affects your retirement.
  • We’ll show you options and design a strategy that fits your preferences.
  • We’ll manage the process of building a retirement you can believe in.

We’re fiduciaries, which means we must place your interests before our own.

Is your current financial professional an advisor? A fiduciary? Can manage all three aspects of your financial life? Is independent? Offers comprehensive retirement services? Serves you a cheesecake in a free retirement workshop?

Unless you’re the do-retirement-myself type, choosing a financial advisor is the first retirement decision you’ll make. Choose wisely.

What You Get

A Customized Financial Plan

We’ll show how all of your retirement resources work together in one coherent plan.

Investment Strategy

We’ll show you how to set up your investments so they provide retirement income and also a source for growth over your 20-30 years of retirement. You’ll know how you’re invested, can have more or less engagement with your investments per your interest, and your comfort level with risk will be aligned with the risk level your investments are taking so you don’t feel like you’re on an investment roller coaster.

Life Insurance

We’ll perform a policy review, explain what you have, help you update your beneficiaries, show you options you may not have considered, and suggest strategies to help you manage long term care (elderly care) expenses within a life insurance policy – a dual benefit.

Social Security

We’ll help you aim before you claim, identifying what’s important to you while showing you how Social Security works so you can make benefit claiming decisions that match your needs.

Tax Planning Strategies

Taxes may be your #1 expense in retirement so helping you minimize your tax exposure is part of every financial decision we help you make.

Retirement Income

We design financial strategies to provide you with inflation-addressed retirement income you cannot outlive.


We’ll guide you through the decision to enroll in traditional Medicare (with the option of a supplemental insurance plan) or Medicare Advantage, explaining each.


We’ll set up your required minimum distributions to comply with IRS rules and review this with you every year.

Annual Review

We meet every year to update your plan, review your policies, analyze investment performance, answer your questions, and discuss your entire retirement picture.


We’re Always available to answer your questions. You’ll go through retirement with a financial advisor who has the experience of working with many others, like you, and the knowledge to help you navigate this important financial phase of your life – so you can manage the nonfinancial aspects of your retirement on your terms.

Do You Want To Be Retirement Ready?

Being “Retirement Ready” means making many financial decisions to set up your retirement. Doing that thoughtfully, in an informed manner, can help you enjoy retirement on your terms.

Mistakes can hurt you.

  • You could deplete retirement resources
  • You could be a care burden on your family
  • You could leave Social Security money “on the table”
  • You could pay too much in tax
  • You could leave your spouse with insufficient income
  • You could not plan to leave a financial legacy

With a customized plan, we can help you see the financial side of your retirement in advance, identifying what works and what potential problems need to be addressed

…so they can be prevented

…so you don’t have to worry about them.

Think of your retirement as a movie. With a financial plan, we can simulate many financial “what if” versions of your retirement to accommodate your needs, goals, and preferences. You’ll be able to see the probability of your simulated retirement movie succeeding. The higher the probability of success, the more confident in your retirement you may be.

Confidence in the financial side of your retirement allows you to pursue all those nonfinancial aspects of your retirement (travel, family, hobbies, volunteering, friends, entertainment, personal ambitions, etc.)

Ready to be “Retirement Ready”?

To get started, schedule a convenient day/time.

We’ll take it from there.

Click the video to learn about our Cheesecake & Your Money™ financial workshops

Topics We’ll Cover at Our Workshop

Setting Up Retirement Income
Tax Planning Strategies – Investing During Retirement – Life Insurance
Elderly/Long Term Care – Annuities – Financial Plans – Social Security & More

Bring your questions. We’ll answer them.
Enjoy cheesecake and refreshments on us.

45 Minutes of fast-paced, financial insights on many topics
15 Minutes of Q & A
30 Minutes of cheesecake/refreshments reception

Upcoming Cheesecake & Your Money™ Workshop Dates

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J Nick Cantore

Wealth manager
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Rick Moss, ChFC® CLTC®

Financial Advisor
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