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14-Year Financial Veteran, Chet Tokar, AAMS® CRPC®, adds Orlando-area to Foresight service area.

Melbourne, FL (March 21, 2022) – Foresight Wealth Solutions, a Melbourne-based full service financial advisory practice announced the addition of Chet Tokar, a 14-year financial services veteran to its team.

Chet Tokar, AAMS® CRPC®

Formerly of Ameriprise, Edward Jones, and John Hancock, Mr. Tokar, a financial advisor, joins the Foresight team. Mr. Tokar will share the responsibility of servicing Foresight clients as part of their dynamic team approach. His clients will join him at Foresight and have the access to the Foresight team.

Foresight Wealth Solutions is affiliated with one of the nation’s largest   financial networks. Today’s heavily regulated financial environment,  client privacy needs, demand for digital platforms, and demanding  infrastructure needs require a resourceful network. Foresight satisfies  all of those needs to its clients through its strong affiliation and  updated financial practice.

Beyond his financial practice, Mr. Tokar is a master SCUBA diving instructor and a member of PADI, the  Professional Association of Diving Instructors.

“Every client is different but my goal is the same for every client: to improve their level of confidence  about their financial future”, said Mr. Tokar. 

Shannon Smithwick, Co-Founder of Foresight Wealth Solutions remarked that Foresight’s search for an  experienced financial advisor that fit the family-oriented practice was extensive. “Our slogan is ‘Let our  family help your family’ so we set a high bar in our search for a new team member—good enough to  refer to ‘family’.” 

“I’ve had the responsibility of managing a team of financial advisors, my brother, a US Army veteran, has  had the responsibility of maintaining army helicopters to ensure the safety of fellow US soldiers, and  Chet continues to have the responsibility for the SCUBA divers he trains and leads on underwater  excursions. That’s a higher level of responsibility that’s difficult to find in an individual—in addition to  being a seasoned financial advisor. But it was that higher level of dedication that led to our mutual  respect and desire to work together as an expanded team.”  

Contact Information 

Kevin Smithwick, Co-Founder 

Foresight Wealth Solutions 

321-757-3305 | | 14 Suntree Place, Suite 103, Melbourne, FL 32940-7605

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